At HUANACO, we hand-dye each skein with natural dyes, so that everyone can enjoy the colors that nature offers us in their knitting.

In this post I share its qualities and care to ensure that the colors last over time.

What are Natural Dyes?

Natural dyes are organic pigments extracted from plants, invertebrates, or minerals.

When we talk about botanical dyes, we refer to natural dyes from roots, fruits, bark, and leaves of plants.

Within vegetable dyes, dyes from other organic sources, such as fungi and lichens, can also be used.

The first evidence of textile dyes in humanity dates back to the Neolithic period, therefore it is not a modern practice but has accompanied humanity since ancient times.

How to prolong the natural color in balls, skeins, and knitted garments?

It is important to take some special care to preserve and prolong the color of the balls, skeins, and knitted garments hand-dyed with natural dyes.

These dyes are sensitive to light (both from the sun and a lamp), to the pH of the detergent or soap and the water used for washing, and the way of washing.

It is important to store our yarns or knittings where they do not receive direct light, and when washing them, do so with neutral detergent, by hand with cold water, do not twist, and dry flat in the shade.

Is it normal for color to remain in the wash water?

Yes, it is normal for color to remain in the water. However, with our colors, that does not usually happen. After a few years of experimenting, we have chosen noble processes and materials that achieve good color fixation in the fibers and long-lasting color.

Despite this, we always recommend that when combining light and dark colors in the same knitting, make a sample and wash it to evaluate how they behave and if there is color transfer.

As it is a chemical process, it may happen that the pH of the water in the place where the washing is carried out produces a reaction in some of the dyes.

And is it normal for my hands to get stained when I knit?

Yes, it can happen that due to the pH of the skin of the person who knits it, color is transferred to their hands; however, this is not expected to happen with our yarns.

If it happens, wash your hands with soap and water, and the color will disappear easily.

Why is it good to use natural dyes?

Because they offer a more environmentally friendly color alternative.  


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Leandro November 30, 2023
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