Merino de la Patagonia

Merino de la Patagonia is our first regeneratively sourced product verified by Land to Market™, as indicated by the seal on each skein.


It is not just any wool; it is wool of verified regenerative origin   

Since we started HUANACO, we have sought to shed light on the value chain and discover what happens before the skeins reach our hands. Having found a network of producers, technicians, and professionals in Argentine Patagonia who seek to learn and continually improve regenerative management, we are motivated to continue giving value to this fiber obtained from their flocks.

These ranchers carry out holistic management of livestock activity, achieving regeneration results as evidenced by measurements of soil health, pastures, biodiversity, and carbon capture, which they monitor. Additionally, they adhere to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) for animal welfare practices.. 

At the helm of this new production model is Ovis 21, which has created the first certification of grasslands for regenerative grazing in the region (GRASS). This certification serves as the basis for advancing towards the next step, Verification of Ecological Results (EOV): an international, scalable, and affordable methodology that farmers and ranchers can use to measure regenerative outcomes on their land. 

Guarded traceability from farm to skein

Traceability involves monitoring the evolution process of a raw material or product in each of its stages until its final form.  

Merino de la Patagonia comes from carefully managed flocks, where environmental outcomes and soil health are monitored. The ranchers have adopted an international monitoring methodology to validate their regenerative management and ensure the traceability of the wool to the next stage.

At HUANACO, we maintain the chain of custody and document the traceability of each product manufactured in the mill, in compliance with Land to Market™ standards and protocols.

This simplified journey, from the farm to the skein, supports the seal of verified regenerative origin that each product bears on its label.

Land to Market™

Land to Market™ is the world's first verified regenerative sourcing solution for raw materials, including wool. 

Land to Market™ is working with brands around the world to heal the planet by regenerating its grasslands

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Huanaco February 8, 2024
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