About us

We are Cecilia and Leandro, founders of HUANACO, a family business based in Loma Verde, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

We met while studying Economics at the University. After 20 years of working beside Argentine business owners, we decided to start our project.

And HUANACO was born: a new link in the value chain of consciously produced Argentine natural fibers.  

Our journey

We started selling wool skeins, hand-spun by a group of rural women, who rescued this technique within the framework of a social economy project in the province of Buenos Aires. Then, we added skeins of angora goat from a Small Ranchers Cooperative from Neuquén, and colored them with natural dyes.

The following year, we incorporated skeins of Patagonian merino wool. With more experience in processes with natural dyes, we presented a collection of colors especially thought for designer patterns, which had a good reception. So then we confirmed that HUANACO was ready to take the next step, and we decided to take the project to another level: produce our natural fiber yarns.

Since we immersed ourselves in this world of natural fibers, we have been getting to know the farmers and their practices; we learned about animals and their care; we empathized with their problems and challenges; and we rejoiced with each achievement and each good season!

Being able to tell you where each skein comes from has been an ambitious goal that led us to get involved in the value chain. We were looking for answers to all the arising questions: where does the fiber come from? What treatment do animals receive? What environmental consequences does the way of production have? How does it impact the economy of the region and the producers themselves?

And we discovered spaces with practices and processes that respect the environment, animals, and people. We discovered producers who work mimicking nature. And we decided to continue adding value to their production, honoring the work done and the results obtained by the ranchers.

100% made in Argentina

In January 2024, we made our first production. Merino de la Patagonia is an exquisite yarn, super soft, pleasant in contact with the skin, with a firm twist, rounded shape, and perfect stitch definition.

On a small scale, we spin the most exquisite merino wool fiber, adding even more value to the work that ranchers began in their farms. 100% of this raw material comes from ranches measuring land health outcomes in Argentine Patagonia. Regenerative ranchers manage their land and livestock in a way that mimics nature. This restored relationship between the grazing animals and the grassland leads to a thriving ecosystem, more biodiversity, cleaner water, and healthier soil.

As always, we hand-dye each skein with natural dyes so that everyone can enjoy the colors that nature offers us in their knitting.

Guarded traceability from the farm to the skein 

Since we decided to carry out our own production of natural yarns, we designed management and production processes that allowed us to maintain the traceability of the wool from the farm to the skein.

Merino de la Patagonia is a milestone in HUANACO’s history, as we have managed to document the traceability of each skein, comply with Land to Market standards and protocols, and connect the products of the regenerated land to the consumer.

Merino de la Patagonia is our first verified regenerative sourced product, as indicated by the seal on each skein.

HUANACO is a proud member of Land to Market™, the world’s first verified regenerative sourcing solution for raw materials, including wool. Land to Market™ is working with brands around the world to heal the planet through the regeneration of its grasslands.

Thanks for joining us!